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The third staff post skill competition held in the front of the second manufacturing department


On November 17, the third post skill competition of the first part of Manufacturing Department II was held. All participants in this competition take action to strengthen the implementation of standards and regulations, pay attention to the details of work and form good working habits.

In this competition, the standard operation of each working procedure and each post is designed as a competition item. The key points of the standard operation of each working post are clearly required. The standard operation is more accurate than the standard operation. The standard operation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Only the standard operation is correct, can the stable production of products be guaranteed and the quality of products be improved.

This skill competition is to enlarge the details in the standardized work, so that everyone can clearly realize the places that are easy to be ignored in the normal work, such as: timely card clamping after sampling inspection, waste wire treatment after threading, etc., so as to form a good habit of easily ignored details.

The competition started from the unified training requirements according to the standards to the practice and guidance of production process, and then to the acceptance of the results of each team. After three months, the standard operation, work details and operation implementation were guided for a long time to form good habits, comprehensively improve the comprehensive ability level of each post staff, and lay a solid foundation for quality improvement.