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Huatian Group participated in 2017 Western semiconductor Exhibition


The 2017 Western semiconductor exhibition was successfully held at the mosconey Exhibition Center in San Francisco from July 11 to 13. Li Liujun, general manager of Huatian technology, Allan calamoneri, vice president of North American Marketing and sales of Huatian Group, Xie Hong, general manager of FCI, Tony Curtis, deputy general manager of FCI and Li Hongwei, deputy general manager of FCI attended the exhibition on behalf of Huatian Group.

This is the second time Huatian has participated in the Western semiconductor exhibition. In this exhibition, Huatian booth is located in an obvious position near the new intelligent journey center, which facilitates direct communication between Huatian's sales team, customers and partners. In addition, we are deeply impressed by the location of Huatian booth, advanced marketing strategy, use of logo logo and sign, high-quality exhibition form and exquisite gifts. By participating in this exhibition, Alex Hua Tian group has completed the promotion to North America market to a large extent, and continues to bring trust to existing customers. At the same time, the new theme of "your global technology development partner" expressed in this exhibition has also been widely praised.

The exhibition also arranged the location of the booth for 2018 exhibition. During the exhibition, Huatian Group was highly praised by techsearch international.