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Sales Network

  • Sales Headquarters

    Position:Group sales director (Mr.Zhang)

    Fixed Phone:0938-8631591

    Mobile Phone:13893892853

    Technical Solution Consultation

    Position:Director, technology marketing centre (Mr.Liu)

    Mobile Phone:15353636535

  • Overseas Business

    Position:Regional director of Taiwan and South Korea (Mr. Yu)

    Fixed Phone:0938-8631284

    Mobile Phone:13993865843

    South China Area

    Position:South China regional director (Mr.Zhang)

    Fixed Phone:0755-25327536

    Mobile Phone:13823514827

  • East China Area

    Positio:Regional director of east China (Mr. Hu)

    Fixed Phone:021-64825115

    Mobile Phone:13909387098

    North China

    Position:north China regional director (Mr. Wei)

    Fixed Phone:010-62162421

    Mobile Phone:15339031056

  • East China Shanghai Office

    Position:Sales Manager (Mr. Zhang)

    Fixed Phone:021-64825115

    Mobile Phone:18621040893

    East China hangzhou Office

    Position:Sales Manager (Mr. Li)

    Fixed Phone:0571-81606403

    Mobile Phone:13858186631

  • East China Wuxi Office

    Position:Sales MGR (Mr.Yu)

    Fixed Phone:0510-85162759

    Mobile Phone:13951580289


    East China Nanjing Office

    Position:Sales MGR (Mr.Liu)

    Fixed Phone:025-83307027

    Mobile Phone:13770713028

  • Chengdu Office

    Position:sales manager (Mr. Wang)

    Mobile Phone:13369388515

    Fuzhou Office

    Position:sales manager (Mr. Jia)

    Mobile Phone:18559885251